PC Screenshots From Gamestar Preview

Going through the San Andreas Xbox & PC forums I’ve noticed that not a lot of people have actually seen the high-resolution scans of the screenshots from the San Andreas PC preview. While we did have scans of the article to make our news summary, we never published them. I’ve posted high resolution scans of the screenshots in the forums. Go check them out. Thanks

World Exclusive San Andreas PC Preview in GameStar

German gaming magazine GameStar has secured a world exclusive first look at the PC version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas by travelling to Rockstar’s offices in NYC to preview the game. Their cover page preview consists of 8 pages and 12 screenshots of the never-before seen PC version. Having read through the preview, here is a summary. The draw distance is

New Editorial – “What’s next for Grand Theft Auto? Pt. I” & Another Online Screenshot

Nobody can give you a better idea of what Rockstar might have in store next for the Grand Theft Auto series, than our expert writer Candarelli. In the first of a series of articles, Candarelli discusses what a massive multiplayer GTA game would entail, and how he would imagine it. Shortly after the release of “Vice City” the name “Crime Online” surfaced somewhere

Gamestar Preview

German magazine Gamestar (September Issue) have released a two page San Andreas preview, with several new details: CJ has access to various weapons: Uzis, Shotgun, M16, Pistol (Similar to the May Payne Double-Pistol) The number of radio stations has tripled since Vice City, and all radio stations play ‘unique’ songs Pedestrians will comment negatively or positively on CJ’s appearance Many