Legendary Milk Coyote Arrives in Red Dead Online

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Harriet has a new variant for us to track down this week in Red Dead Online, as there’s news of a Legendary Milk Coyote wreaking havoc in the corners of Blackwater. This cheeky canine is apparently feeding on the town’s livestock; don’t approach too quickly, however, as you’ll get more than you’ve bargained for from the hostile pack following it.

The Milk Coyote is part of Harriet’s Sighting Missions, meaning you can only access it by speaking to her at her tent, providing you’ve been a good Naturalist lately and don’t get sprayed first.

Don’t take the name too literally either, the “Milk” refers to its creamy coat, not the type of sample you’ll be taking!

Speaking of which, there are bonuses to be had this week for taking part in the Sighting Mission, whatever your intentions:

  • 40% off any Novice or Promising Naturalist role item if you complete the Milk Coyote Sighting Mission
  • 40% off any Distinguished Naturalist role item if you take a sample of the Milk Coyote instead of killing it

For the free-aimers out there, the Hardcore Series welcomes bonuses this week, and there are discounts for Moonshiners to take advantage of as well:

  • Hardcore Series – double cash, gold and XP
  • Free shirt coupon for logging in
  • Free Moonshine Shack relocations
  • 40% off all Novice and Promising Moonshiner role items
  • 3 gold bar discount off Moonshine Shack bar themes
  • 5 gold bars off Moonshiner role

And last but not least, the Farling Jacket, Inkstone Hat and Barrelle Hat enter the wardrobe!