Online Bonuses

GTA Online

Current bonuses active for 3rd-9th September 2020

  • Special Cargo Sales – double cash and RP
  • Gerald’s Last Play missions – double cash and RP
  • Diamond Adversary Series – double cash and RP
  • One-off $250k cash payout for winning any Diamond Adversary Series mode
  • Free champagne from the casino bar
  • 50% off casino-exclusive clothing
  • 30% off the master penthouse suite and customisations
  • 30% off the Furia, Entity XXR, Itali GTO and Khanjali
  • 40% off the armoured Kuruma and Mammoth Thruster
  • Lucky Wheel podium vehicle – Maibatsu Penumbra FF
  • Premium Race – Congestion Charge
  • Time Trial – Lake Vinewood Estate
  • RC Time Trial – Davis Quartz

Red Dead Online

Current bonuses active for 8th-14th September 2020

  • New Legendary Animal – Legendary Shadow Buck
  • Free vest and 100 free rounds of sedative ammo if you sample the Shadow Buck
  • 100 free rounds of express repeater ammo if you skin the Shadow Buck
  • Free bandolier if you purchase the Shadow Buck garment set from Gus
  • Harriet’s vitalism studies – accept the pamphlet from Harriet so you can collect the new Harrietum Officinalis plant; consume the plant to turn into a buck for 5 minutes! 
  • Free treasure map if you try out the new vitalism studies “feature”
  • Ghost buck – burn the Harrietum Officinalis plant at your camp to reveal a spooky stranger
  • Hardcore Series – free hat if you win
  • 40% off all outfits
  • 40% off all offhand holsters
  • 40% off gun belts
  • 30% off all repeaters