GTA Online Weekly Bonuses Preview – available 25th May 2023

This upcoming week (25th May – 1st June), it’s time to get the team together for bonuses on Free Mode Events and Challenges, assert dominance in Power Play, raid Stash Houses on 3 different days for a GTA$ bonus and brand-new Cuffs and Ugglies being added to clothing stores.

Remember this is just a preview, and information may change. On top of that, Rockstar may reserve things for their own Newswire.

We understand that not every Event Week will be to everyone’s liking, some will certainly be more exciting than others, but anyway…

Let’s get started!

Free Mode Events and Challenge Bonuses

Ah, Free Mode Events. For when you want to release the beast within you and you’re waiting for the elusive Criminal Damage event to pop up on your screen. Call Pegasus, get a Rhino or your weaponised vehicle of choice, and take Los Santos for yourself – don’t forget to destroy emergency vehicles as those are $$$!

Whether you want to do that, be the king of the castle, collect Air Checkpoints or participate in any of those events is up to you, with bonuses on Free Mode Events this week.

2x GTA$ and RP on Free Mode Events and Challenges

Speed Up Your Trip and Raid Stash Houses for Rewards

If you still somehow have a surplus of Acid to produce and sell, Mutt will be back on the case (no disgrace) once again this week, as production speeds up, so while you’re busy destroying Los Santos or trying to collect checkpoints, trust that your Acid Lab will be filled and ready to sell. IMO, if you’re strapped for cash, it’s still one of the best businesses so don’t be shy in purchasing the acid lab upgrade and get to producing some of Mutt’s best stuff. Also, he’s slashing prices in 30% for Supplies this week if you give him a call.

Gerald’s on highlight this week as well, as one of his contacts has a special reward for those who raid a Stash House in three different days this week. Not only you get your supplies, but also some money at the end of it. 

  • 1.5x Speed on Acid Lab Production
  • 30% off on Acid Lab Supplies
  • Raid a Stash House on 3 different days until 1st June to earn GTA$100K.

Assert Your Dominance in Power Play

It’s time to spice things up in the Deathmatch department! If you once again want to release that Beast in you, you sure can in Power Play, as you assert dominance to the opposite team by using a multitude of power ups. Get Zoned, get Doped, get Raging, Flipped, Dark(ened) or Beasted and come out on top!

2x GTA$ and RP on the Power Play Adversary Mode


Until the 1st June, Mutt is feeling generous with his acid supplies, and find an assortment of discounts on cars:

30% off

  • Acid Lab Supplies
  • Grotti Stinger
  • Coil Cyclone
  • Declasse Vigero ZX


New Clothing

If you’re in need of enhancing your wardrobe with some of the best shoes GTA Online has to offer (ah, come on, nobody will mock you for wearing those, promise! Really…!) and want some new wrist cuffs, then this week introduces new choices to both of those categories. Starting 25th May, new Cuffs and Ugglies will be reaching your local clothing shops.

The Diamond Casino & Resort Lucky Wheel

Felipe is once again recovering from surgery from a broken arm due to unstable customers and oh… what’s that? He claims to be seeing this tall off-roader that seems to be able to go over anything, owner calls it a Desert Raid. Wonder where they got that from… Still trying to be careful about this arm, there goes Felipe to try and valet this thing…

Looks like it came straight from the Casino’s underground garage anyway though, as this week’s Lucky Wheel vehicle is the Vapid Desert Raid. Spin the wheel, hope you don’t get your 600th SecuroServ 1 clothing item, and it’s all yours to climb everything from Mount Gordo, to Chiliad and beyond.

LS Car Meet Prize Ride

This week at the Los Santos Car Meet, there seems to be a bit of a classic on top of that Slamtruck! Originally said to be a myth and a rumour, with “blueprints passed around by collectors”, this car indeed became a real thing in 2018 and is now all around the streets of Los Santos. Perhaps a contrast to some of the other vehicles inside the Car Meet – but by placing Top 3 in a Pursuit Race for 3 days in a row, you can win the Ocelot Swinger (not to be confused with the Stinger that is 30% off).

As for the Test Rides this week, if you’re feeling like testing or perhaps even buying something new…

  • Vapid Chino
  • Grotti Turismo Classic
  • Bravado Gauntlet Hellfire

Not enough? Hao’s waiting for you on the other side of the Car Meet – try some of that HSW energy available on Xbox Series and PS5 by testing out the Principe Deveste Eight HSW.

Premium Deluxe Motorsport

Simeon might get on your nerves when he wants those vehicles repossessed from crazy LS residents who will call the cops and THEN put a bounty on your head, but fact is, his Premium Deluxe Motorsports business seems to still be financed by all of those shenanigans, and newly-found car sales… So this week at PDM, find:

  • Karin Futo GTX
  • Coil Cyclone (also 30% off)
  • Pegassi Vacca (a 2013 classic!)
  • Vapid Contender
  • Übermacht Zion Classic

Luxury Autos

  • Grotti GT500
  • Obey 10F
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As this is a preview, any information in this post is subject to change and any corrections or missing details will be added as found.