First GTAV Online Previews & New Screenshots

UPDATE 4: IGN will be publishing further content throughout the week, including an interview with Rockstar North studio head and GTA producer Les Benzies. They are also promising more exclusive screenshots. Fingers crossed they are new. We’ll update you when it happens!

UPDATE 3: Three additional screenshots have been released.

UPDATE 2: Two new additional screenshots have emerged from IGN.

UPDATE: IGN’s Preview has been published!

Today is the start of the first online previews for GTAV, coming in from around the world. All publications are giving their take on the same press demo that Game Informer wrote about last week, with some containing new screenshots and an interview with Rockstar Games VP of Creative Dan Houser. See a summary of the new info after the jump.



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  • Underwater world (with underwater caves) and diving equipment confirmed.
  • Side-missions similar to Taxi, Ambulance and Vigilante will be back but “probably not identical to the ones in previous GTAs” because they wouldn’t fit in with the 3 main character personalities, but the “three will have odd jobs to do”.
  • Trevor will be the skilled helicopter pilot, Franklin the skilled driver and sniper, Michael the “smooth operator”, skilled and versatile.
  • Franklin is looking for a mentor and he finds one in Mike after they meet during one of Franklin’s repo man jobs.
  • Trevor is inspired by the typical GTA player that only roams around the game creating havoc, death and destruction.
  • Mission types will vary among “big and small events , explosive, infiltration, super spectacular, family issues, invasion, hostage recovery, heists and robberies. Plus classic GTA missions but updated and improved.”
  • Cover mechanics have been greatly improved and cover will be very important in the gameplay.
  • About the economy, Dan Houser says: “You will be able to spend money to buy interesting and fun things like expensive toys. We are still working on the economy but it will be a strong element in the game and players will be eager to make money to spend money. Something along the lines of “I went through all of this to make all this money and now I’m going to spend it on this crazy item.”
  • Dynamic music during missions (similar to games like L.A. Noire)
  • No co-op for single player missions, but co-op modes will be featured in multiplayer.
  • Big focus on multiplayer with a lot of content to keep players busy.
  • The song Radar Love was heard playing on the in-game radio.
  • Alamo Sea is the name of the Salton Sea like area.
  • Radial menu to select the 3 protagonists.
  • Switching in missions partially scripted – meaning, at times character switching will happen automatically.
  • In final part of a mission in the demo, the player can decide which character to use.
  • There are multiple different endings in the storyline which depend on the choices you made throughout the game.
  • Map open from beginning, with the exception of some protected areas.
  • A certain amount of money will be needed to gain access to some missions.
  • There is a functioning ecosystem teeming with wildlife.
  • The game is roughly the length of Red Dead Redemption in the time it takes to fully complete. For those who didn’t play Red Dead, it was packed full of a lot of extra content, separate from the main storyline. These included things like the Stranger Missions, side activities, and the 50 unique world events (dynamic missions). GTAV has similar versions of this content in its world, specifically with the unique world events and “random character encounters”.

Additionally, Rockstar confirmed that Trailer #2 for GTAV will be hitting the web this Wednesday at 11am EST / 4pm GMT. Check out the countdown on their site.