Fan video depicts character switching in GTAIV

We had learned earlier this week that GTAV will allow us to switch between three different main characters when not on a mission – or during missions where two or more of these characters work together.

But how exactly will this look like? We can only wait until we play the game, or if Rockstar shows us through video footage between now and release; however, one fan took it upon himself to imagine how this may look by using GTAIV’s video editor.

GTAForums member ARSENXVI created a video to depict character switching during portions of the game where the characters work together (at other times, they’re scattered across the map, away from each other).

While we’re certain this video is not an entirely accurate showcasing of its implementation in GTAV, we thought it was a pretty cool way to help us imagine how it may look through GTAIV!

Watch it on Youtube and discuss on GTAForums.