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GTAV Fan Trailer with Niko, Luis & Johnny

While we know through Game Informer’s preview that GTAIV’s main character Niko Bellic won’t be making an appearance in GTAV, Rockstar Games aficionado and CGI expert JANTSUU went to work to give us a realistic (and humorous) take on what it may look like if Niko, along with the two other main characters from GTAIV’s episodes, appeared in the game. Watch on

Fan Video: GTAV Trailer 2 remade in GTAIV

A lot of you have probably already seen the recreation of the second GTAV trailer within GTAIV by GTAForums user Golonka. We never get tired of these, so we wanted to share another recreation uploaded today by YouTube user GTA5Poland.Great work indeed! We particularly loved the boat and dog scene recreations.

Community Spotlight: GTAV’s Art in Motion

We’ve seen several of GTAV’s official artwork emerge over the last couple of weeks, which resemble a really a cool and engaging vibe. It’s definitely interesting when you line up the art from the GTA games since GTAIII. A member of GTA Forums, jBhIpS, decided to take things a step further by putting some of GTAV’s official art into motion by

Fan video depicts character switching in GTAIV

We had learned earlier this week that GTAV will allow us to switch between three different main characters when not on a mission – or during missions where two or more of these characters work together. But how exactly will this look like? We can only wait until we play the game, or if Rockstar shows us through video footage between now

GTA IV Fan Video ‘GTAQATSI’ Released

Right now as far as GTA IV news updates goes, we’re going through a real “calm before the storm”. Stay tuned though, the next magazine preview that we know of will come from OPM that goes on sale next week, May 2nd, in the United Kingdom. To keep us busy until then, Jordan from our partner site, PlanetGTA, released yet another Grand