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The Pitfalls of “San Andreas” Pt. II

The second installment of my controversial series of articles is up and ready to read. “San Andreas” where gats and thugs make way for happy meals and the Hamburglar…” “…the majority do not want it [the dietary feature] to become a bothersome gameplay device. While a crime game that could be compared with EA smash PC game “The Sims” would

San Andreas’ Food Preview

Gamespot have posted their first weekly preview of San Andreas today that Leo reported about last night. This week’s preview focuses on the food that will be available to eat and the effects they have on CJ. While we already know the basics of the eating system, Gamespot released the following new information: Instead of making us guess when we should

Articles Section

Through expanding our site, we’ve reached out and made an articles section. It will develop into a sort of rants page about things we’re not pleased about, or any speculative writing whatsoever. Two articles there already, you might want to give them a read! See the main articles page for descriptions of both articles. Fansites, Screenshots, and MagazinesThe Pitfalls of “San Andreas” Pt.

Liberty City Tribute

For almost two years this site has gone without update. As you might have noticed we have moved on to new things, and our main sites right now are, and Now you might ask why I would make the effort to update this ages old site. Well over the last few months we have made good friends with PlanetGrandTheftAuto, and this news

“Liberty City Tribute”

Jordan at PlanetGrandTheftAuto has released a new video called “Liberty City Tribute”. The video contains footage from a recent trip to New York, and much like his last video (The ‘Real’ Los Santos), many of the scenes reflect on the setting of GTA games – In this case, Grand Theft Auto 3. An incredible amount of effort was put into this video, definitely worth

Gamespot: San Andreas Coverage

Gamespot are to begin showing San Andreas coverage this Saturday 24th July (Tomorrow). It was confirmed during the latest episode of ‘On The Spot’, Gamespot’s live video games show. Everybody’s been asking for GTA San Andreas stuff, even us! [Laughs]. And we’ve got the beginnings of some really cool stuff for you. Beginning this Saturday, about once a week, we’re

Seedy San Fierro Speculation.

As I sit here, eating my waffles, watching “I Love the 90s”, scanning through the new screenshots from that German magazine, I have two thoughts going through my head: how amazing blueberry pancakes are with maple syrup, and “What about San Fierro?” And what about San Fierro? I mean, what about the storyline, what about the seedy underground crime syndicates

MTA 0.4 to be released

Time to dig up that ol’ CD & boot up GTA once more – within the next few hours, version 0.4 of Multi-Theft Auto will be released! Multi-Theft Auto is a fan-made modification to the PC versions of Grand Theft Auto 3 and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. This mod allows multiple players to connect over the internet, raising hell and causing

New Details

German magazine ‘Screenfun’ has released four new screenshots and a sketched map, in a recent San Andreas preview. The map is certainly not official, although it does indicate the positions of each city – and where to expect particular landmarks. The twelve ‘small’ towns are also marked, and Mount Chiliad is placed between Los Santos/San Fierro (As expected) New vehicles include: A new type

Screenfun Preview

German magazine ‘Screenfun’ learned (exclusively), that GTA San Andreas will feature a total of twelve small towns. (Two, which we have already heard about; Angel Pine and Dillamore) Players encounter twelve small towns, witty new vehicles, tasks and figures. Screenfun The website also published two of the screenshots featured in ‘Play’ Magazine. The magazine is released tomorrow, and is ‘likely’ to contain