San Andreas’ Food Preview

Gamespot have posted their first weekly preview of San Andreas today that Leo reported about last night. This week’s preview focuses on the food that will be available to eat and the effects they have on CJ. While we already know the basics of the eating system, Gamespot released the following new information:

  • Instead of making us guess when we should eat, R* has implemented a message to appear onscreen whenever CJ is hungry.
  • If you don’t eat or eat too much, not only do your abilities and appearance suffer, but your clothes won’t fit anymore either.
  • Along with the Well Stacked Pizza pizzeria we already know about, 2 of the restaurants available to eat at are the Cluckin’ Bell and Burger Shot.
  • Cluckin’ Bell’s menu is focused on chicken items such as the Cluckin’ Big Filet Burger, the Cluckin’ Huge Double Filet, a wings-pieces bucket and a fowl wrap burrito.
  • Burger Shot’s menu is just like any other burger joint; offering items like the Double Barreled Burger to eat.
  • If you need to eat but are on the go, stop at one of the vending carts located throughout San Andreas for a quick bite.
  • Each food item has a specific caloric value which you must monitor because they affect how CJ’s energy and fat levels increase.
  • If you eat too much at one time CJ will throw up.

San Andreas is being crafted to be an ambitious entry in the franchise, even by Grand Theft Auto’s own revolutionary standards. While the core experience will stick close to Rockstar’s winning formula of gritty criminal mayhem, San Andreas will also feature a host of new gameplay features that will make the world you’ll explore even more interactive.


Along with this slew of new information, Gamespot put up 9 new screenshots.

Obese Carl and the OGF
CJ, looking good!

Check out the rest of the screenshots here.

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