Sound Off: GTA VI Speculation

Sound Off: GTA VI Speculation

The hottest topic on GTAForums right now is none other than GTA 6 Speculation & Discussion. There’s “nothing” out there to officially confirm or deny anything, but that doesn’t keep our chins from wagging about all of the possibilities around the corner. With nearly 100,000 cumulative posts on GTA 6, you could be wondering how we can talk for England about

Throwback: SA-MP Interview (August 2008)

We’ve been talking with Kye, leader of the multiplayer modification for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, SA-MP. If you’re a SA-MP player, continue reading and get to know more about this project that kept you entertained over the years. uNi: When did you start working on this multiplayer project for Grand Theft Auto and why? kye: In early 2003 I purchased GTA: Vice City for

IGN Interview With Rockstar North’s Phil Hooker

As part of IGN’s GTA V Week, the website was granted an interview with Rockstar North’s Phil Hooker, the associate technical director and combat designer for GTA V. The interview highlights Rockstar’s ability to adapt and integrate features and mechanics from previously released titles into Grand Theft Auto V. Hooker tells IGN that GTA V will boast mechanics that are much tighter

3DJuegos Interview with Lezlie Benzies

Spanish gaming website 3DJuegos have just released an interview with R* North’s Art Director, the once impossible-to-land-an-interview-with, Lezlie Benzies. The interview included some new interesting tidbits about GTA Online summarised and listed thanks to forums member Spider-Vice. General: The camera will zoom out and pan away to your online character seamlessly. During the animation, a matchmaking process will be in progress.

Rockstar’s Art Director Interviewed by BuzzFeed

An interview with Aaron Garbut, Rockstar North’s Art Director, on the topic of GTA V has been published on BuzzFeed. We used to call Liberty City a living, breathing world, but this is way beyond anything we’ve done before.— Aaron Garbut Read the full interview over at BuzzFeed! Furthermore, 5 new screenshots were revealed along with the interview.

All Three Main Characters Won’t be Playable From the Start

Recently, Rockstar North President Leslie Benzies conducted an interview with the French Gaming website Jeuxactu. Now today, thanks to Offical Xbox Magazine, we have some English snippits of the interview! We want to surprise people with very intense missions from the start. The pace of the game is much faster than any of its predecessors. From the beginning, we want to

CVG: Exclusive Interview with Rockstar

The guys over at CVG have come up trumps this week with a very special interview for their weekly GTA 5 o’ Clock series. They spoken openly with Imran Sarwar, producer and lead mission designer at Rockstar North. It’s interesting to note that developers rarely give interviews like this, so it certainly is interesting to listen to them speak openly

Asked and Answered: GTAV

After several weeks of silence, Rockstar have delighted GTA fans once again by releasing a special GTA V Edition of Asked & Answered. This special addition of Ask & Answered answers many of the popular questions GTA fans have been asking such as how many disks the game will use, whether or not there will be a PC version, plus much

Interviews with Rockstar North’s Aaron & Les

As part of the 10 year anniversary celebration for GTA: Vice City, Rockstar North producer Leslie Benzies and Art Director Aaron Garbut took to the web for a series of interviews looking back at the development of the game. While most of the interviews relate to Vice City, there were a few questions and answers relating to more recent things

Dan Houser’s interview with IGN

Closing off the week on online previews for GTAV, IGN has posted an interview they conducted last month with Rockstar’s VP of Creative and GTA writer Dan Houser. Doing other cities just didn’t seem appealing. Doing small towns is very appealing. There’s a bunch of small towns and villages and whatnot in there to discover and play around in. Doing other cities,