3DJuegos Interview with Lezlie Benzies

Spanish gaming website 3DJuegos have just released an interview with R* North’s Art Director, the once impossible-to-land-an-interview-with, Lezlie Benzies. The interview included some new interesting tidbits about GTA Online summarised and listed thanks to forums member Spider-Vice.


  • The camera will zoom out and pan away to your online character seamlessly. During the animation, a matchmaking process will be in progress.
  • You can do almost anything you can do in single player in GTA Online.
  • You can change weather, time of day, time you want it to rain or to be a certain weather state, radio station to be tuned at the start of the race or mission in the Content Creator.
  • You can watch races and deathmatches on your apartment TV.
  • There are masks to hide from the cops.
  • The Online will be run on the Social Club servers, data will be stored on the cloud. There are datacenters from NY to San Diego, and more Rockstar studios.


  • Each mission requires a rank depending on difficulty and complexity. The bigger your rank, the more difficult the missions will be.
  • There are around 700 missions in GTA Online. 500 will be available to play on release, as more will be added eventually.
  • Missions will be ordered randomly as you play Online.


  • For certain heists you might need certain weapons, vehicles or characters such as a sniper or a driver. This will also depend on the mission creator if you download the mission from the Social Club.
  • Some missions are so complex they need plenty of good communication.
  • There will be descriptions to help each character on its heist function.
  • There is something called “team lives”. If you have 4 team lives and 4 people, if everyone dies there will be 0 lives left, or if you die 4 times, the team will have 0 lives left, which means if anyone dies, it’s mission failed.

The full translated interview is available at GTAForums by realtom. Make sure to check it out and discuss at the thread! Also stick around for some Community Spotlight articles highlighting the best topics and fan-made videos out soon.