ViceCity @ Internet Movie Database

The popular movie web site, (owned by has information on 5 confirmed voice actors that will be appearing in ViceCity. What’s odd is the resemblance to the actors who do their voices.

  • Gary Busey (FBI detective from Point Break, and Private investigator from The Firm) is the voice of Phil Cassidy
  • Luis Guzman (Short, Stocky, United States FBI agent in the movie Traffic) is the voice of Ricardo Diaz
  • Lawrence Taylor (former Linebacker for the NY Giants) is the voice of B.J. Smith
  • David Paymer (Funny looking, Jewish, character actor in City Slickers, City Hall, American President, State and Main, and many other films) is the voice of Ken Roseburg
  • Danny Trejo (Desperado, Con Air, Heat, The Replacement Killers) is the voice of Umberto Robina

Also Listed at are Toni, Fernando, and Lazlow, 3 of the DJs that were in GTA3 that will also appear in Vice City. Thanks go to Jaker for his finding and the image. Sorry for the lack of news over the past few days – as you can probably agree is our main priority at the moment.