The Interiors of Vice City

Over the weekend we were working on and so this news comes a bit late, but at least I’ve now been able to get my hands on the article.

The new article from IGN gives us a look at the interiors in the game. Here are the main points from the article, and as I said before, if you’re smart you’ll find the article yourself!

  • A new dimension of the game is opened up to us, with the ability to walk into buildings. (Remember in GTA3 the only indoor areas were Ammu-Nation and the subway)
  • You cannot walk into every building, but there is a large variety of indoor areas for you to explore. (A few examples being small stores, airport terminal, hardware stores, laundromats, police stations and bars)
  • There will be certain people and objects that you will be able to interact with in these locations.
  • There are many different styles of interiors, ranging from shiny marble floors in a hotel to dance clubs with dance lights and a range of different elevations.
  • Certain missions will take place inside buildings.
  • Safe-houses are more integrated into the game.

Enjoy the screenshots from the article, and the indoor locations look simply amazing. I do have to say that the one with the wine, and three chairs around the table looks like a render. It’s hard to believe we are going to be getting something like this in the game.

Also it turns out numerious sites (GourangaGTA-VC.tkGTACenter) were sent an exclusive GTA Vice screenshot. We were not. So that’s it from the site that doesn’t get supported 🙁