USA! USA! USA! Independence Week in GTA Online

It’s probably not the right time to be celebrating America right now, but it’s a bumper week for patriots this week as GTA Online’s red, white and blue themed content makes its annual appearance.

We’ve got a half-price sale on limited-time Independence items; accessories, face paints, clothing, fireworks, vehicle customisations, haircuits and the Liberator Monster Truck. There’s also beer hats and a Statue of Happiness t-shirt up for grabs as part of Business Battle rewards.

There’s double money and RP on all of the Missile Base Series adversary modes, and the star-spangled Sovereign motorcycle from Western takes top spot on the Lucky Wheel podium.

But that’s not all.

There’s 70% off bunkers, hangers, facilities, and 50% off arcades and yachts. We’ve also been treated to 50% off a plethora of deluxe vehicles, including (but not limited to) the Oppressor Mk II, the Deveste Eight, the Mammoth Avenger and the HVY APC.

As an added Sony bonus, PS+ players will get a cool additional $1m for logging in this month, and that’s on top of the $1m we’re already getting for logging in each month running up to the GTA Online standalone dropping on PS5!


For all the explicit details, check out the Rockstar Newswire and get your comments in on GTAForums.