Freebies and Triple Rewards on Red Dead Online

If you have 99 problems, don’t worry because gun oil won’t be one!

This week on Red Dead Online, Rockstar is offering triple rewards on all Showdown Modes including Gun Rush! Along with the triple rewards on the PvP modes, Traders and Moonshiners can resupply their stock for free!

For Traders, the Butcher Table will be available for 5 gold bars less than usual as well.

Collectors shall not be sad they didn’t get anything this week, as rumour has it that those who pick up the 1792 Quarter coin, the Old Tom Gin and the Aubrey Onyx Ring and return it to Madam Nazar will be handsomely rewarded, as that is this week’s Veteran’s Collection.

As mentioned before, if you’ve got 99 problems, gun oil won’t be one, and that’s because… let’s take a look at the other misc Red Dead Online discounts this week:

  • 40% off all Guns;
  • 50% off Melee Weapons;
  • 50% off Thrown Weapons;
  • 60% off Ammunition;
  • 40% off Pamphlets
  • and most importantly…
  • Free Gun Oil!

So, it’s time to get that 99 gun oil and not have to worry about your weapon’s state or rust anymore!