Upcoming QoL changes to GTA Online revealed

A host of Quality of Life (QoL) updates are heading to GTA Online next week alongside the San Andreas Mercenaries update, with additional details revealed today on the Rockstar Newsire!

Fine-tuning the GTA Online experience has been a high priority for Rockstar over recent months; with some in-game options presently the same as they were years ago, a bit of tweaking is a win-win for us all, making things more approachable to new citizens of San Andreas and much less time-consuming for the daily veteran player.

The list is pretty lengthy and you can check it out in full on the Newswire, but for now let’s look at some important highlights.

Arriving 13th June

Register as a Boss – SecuroServ and Motorcycle Club join forces with a new option that encompasses both, making in-game access to businesses much easier This has been confirmed to be more of a streamlined menu change, rather than an entire merger of both functions! Thanks to Rockstar for the clarity

Martin Madrazo Dispatch contact missions – now solo-friendly

Name your Acid – get a 5% additional sell bonus for getting creative

Body Armor improvements – the option to Buy All (hallelujah) with lost armor also replenished after mission quick restarts

Sprinting – now thumb-friendly with an alternative hold to sprint option in settings

Rewards buffs – collectibles and events, Gerald’s Last Play, and A Superyacht Life will see payouts increased

Griefer nerfs – Orbital Cannon abuse has been targeted, with no instant resets or refunds to prevent spam. Hydra and Lazer fighter jets will also be rebalanced during freemode use

Career Progress tracker – exclusive to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, a new feature to monitor your criminal efforts

New Taxi Work vehicles – equip the Taxi Livery on your Eudora (unlock by completing 10 stunt jumps) or Broadway (unlock by completing 50 taxi jobs) to collect your fares in style

Vehicle catalogue shake-up – vehicles that are perhaps a little older or not purchased very often these days are being removed from in-game dealerships to make navigation easier, with promise that they will return via showroom rotations and the Lucky Wheel (We’ve reached out to Rockstar to see if they are able to confirm what vehicles are leaving the game, but it may not be possible to share this in time for the update – stay tuned!)

Rockstar Creator updates – “dozens” of new props, snowy weather, prop limit on PC will now match new-gen consoles (300), and misc. fixes and adjustments, with a tease of brand new Halloween props arriving in time for spooky month

and more

Speaking of spooky month, the Newswire features a very intriguing screenshot – shown below. The building on the left is LSPD (Thanks Spider-Vice) but half of the structure is missing, there’s a bunch of gravestones outside with some funky neon bats, there’s what appears to be an unidentified bridge in the background, AND it’s snowing? Are they just demonstrating new props for the Creator, or is this a little sneak peek at a future Halloween event? There’s certainly something mysterious cooking…

There’s also chance that additional changes are yet to be revealed before/on update day, with full patch notes due later on Tuesday, so keep an eye on GTANet and GTAForums for full details.

What do you think of the changes? Leave your feedback in our dedicated discussion thread on GTAForums