Trailer Observations, Mirrors & More

However much I doubted that the trailer will be released, it was, and I’m not the least disappointed! I just had a chance to see it for myself, and even though the quality was less than crisp, it did serve its purpose. Of course it’s also great to hear that Rockstar has another two of these in store before the release of the game!

What first caught my eye was how some things were censored from the trailer. For example, in the beginning of the trailer there is a blur of the sequence of gang members doing gang signs at each other. Looks like Rockstar still has something to hide?

  • Characters will be more vibrant while sitting inside vehicles. No more dead mummies.
  • Graffiti is sprayable onto walls. You might be able to do it yourself, or you might see others doing it.
  • A segment shows CJ in a pool hall, playing pool. Most likely a section of a cutscene.
  • Ordering food at “The Burger Shot” consists of choosing your meal, and your tray being placed in front of you. No delay of preparing food.
  • In the last shot of the trailer, a house overlooking the entire city is a few hundred feet behind the “Vinewood” sign atop the mountain. This is possibly a property that you can buy.

If you’ve been living under a rock, or still somehow haven’t seen the San Andreas trailer, we’ve compiled a few mirrors for you to download the trailer from:

Fileplanet (wmv)Edgefiles (zip&mov), (wmv)gta-action (wmv)Bonedaddy (wmv).

And, as Rockstar said, be sure to keep an eye on the official website, apparently they’ve got something cooking!