Trailer Observations

Now that the chaos has died down a bit, we’ve had a chance to pick through the trailer to see what kind of technical upgrades might be hiding under the proverbial hood of GTA IV. Note, these aren’t all confirmed features, per se, but they do seem to indicate things will, in fact, be different. Perhaps the most obvious technical

GTA: Vice City Stories Boxart Released

R* have just released the boxart for Vice City Stories, see below. Observations: I’m pretty sure the guy on the left is Umberto Robina (Cuban leader) and I’m also sure the guy at the top is not Mitch Baker (that’s not to say he won’t be in the game, however). Also, judging by the colourful clothing etc. I think it’s safe to

Trailer Observations, Mirrors & More

However much I doubted that the trailer will be released, it was, and I’m not the least disappointed! I just had a chance to see it for myself, and even though the quality was less than crisp, it did serve its purpose. Of course it’s also great to hear that Rockstar has another two of these in store before the