Title Update 1.04 arrives for The Trilogy

As announced last week, Rockstar pushed a new patch to all platforms for The Trilogy Definitive Edition games earlier today and the official patch notes are now available.

As you can see from the list, a multitude of performance-centric fixes have been applied to all three games targeting collision issues, bugged missions, and glitched out clothing. There are also stability improvements resulting in a smoother gaming experience where 60FPS can be maintained, according to a number of community reports on social media.

In addition, there are a small number of enhancements not included on the patch notes, like these improved textures of CJ’s default jeans, and a fix for an issue that prevented some players from saving after achieving 100% completion.

So, quite a few necessary fixes today and some welcome improvements to overall performance, though it isn’t all roses as far as the community is concerned. The patch arrived with high expectations, and there has been number of issues highlighted following the update that still remain since Day 1. This includes wonky road textures, signage typos, inaccurate radio icons, and random collision problems in elevated areas. Foliage also appears to have been removed in the Mount Chiliad area, and some parallax interiors have been disabled from street level stores, but we’re not sure if these are new issues introduced or a design change has been made.

It’s likely Rockstar have just prioritised performance for the first major patch of the new year to ensure all platforms are at the very least stable and playable, with more fixes and an art-focused patch to fix all the remaining texture issues in due course. The mobile versions are also meant to arrive by summer, so it’s likely Grove Street Games are working on optimising the port and fixing already established issues concurrently; let’s hope we hear more details about this soon as it remains to be seen how much longer The Trilogy will be supported by Rockstar now that we’re already almost 4 months post-launch.

As always, be sure to keep up with our own Bugs tracker on GTAForums to make sure all the remaining issues are noted, and join the discussion as the community continues to evaluate today’s update.