Community Spotlight: ArtificialAtlas, World Builder Extraordinaire

When it comes to GTA Online, ‘Virtual Photography’ and ‘Content Creator’ don’t exactly seem like they go hand in hand – one is an artform, one is a custom jobs tool for creating deathmatches and races. To the creatives among us however, they’re like two peas in a pod.

What better way to set up a scene for a Snapmatic than a feature where you can place a variety of objects pretty much anywhere in San Andreas? For ArtificialAtlas, aka Vincent, that’s exactly what he uses it for, and more.

Building custom jobs for the virtual photography community isn’t actually a new thing – it was a lot more popular in the early days of Social Club, Vincent tells me, but many active builders have moved on or gone inactive.

Vincent is still in the game, and these days mostly creates jobs for themed meets with his VP crew The Magnificent Team (@Snaplord_TMT). Using his jobs the crew have been able to capture some amazingly unique scenes that we’ve highlighted in Snap Saturday in the past, and as a skilled virtual photographer himself, Vincent channels the best of both worlds to show off his work.

Let’s hear from Vinccent and take a look!

ArtificialAtlas: A lot of the fun that comes out of GTA Online is the grind, and in a way creator mode is very similar. There’s never really an end to the means, rather a constant drive to do more than previously achieved. I think having the possibility of creating something out of nothing fulfills that need. Speaking from experience, I’ve probably made hundreds of jobs over the past few years, yet still I find myself making more every now and then. Specifically for a crew I’m in called The Magnificent Team, they are probably the only crew I’ve been in that actually has a diverse set of job creators. Those ranging from photo sets to legit jobs meant for playing and having fun. People like @Zoobz_, @NemesisNat, @Dande_lion55, @InTheSun_10, @Ramshackle786 are all extremely creative and inspiring individuals. Especially @Bloody_xcrow, he discovered a lot of cool techniques that creator mode could offer, his photos are probably the most creative I’ve seen yet. Overall it honestly feels like a collaborative effort between us fellow players to really make the most out of the limitless potential in a hyper immersive game like GTA.