GTANet Annual Awards for 2021 are here!

Daddy’s back, you bitches!

After celebrating a new decade, losing medals, and skipping a year, the GTANet Annual Awards are finally making a return. Join us as we attempt to recognise the best and worst of GTAForums during 2021. Medals are also back, and who doesn’t love the chance of winning some shiny Internet points? Better late then never, we say.

Maximum 3 nominations (per Award)
Those most nominated will progress to the final public vote (per Award)
Insert links to profiles/topics/posts/mods to make the count easier
Cut any Awards out that you don’t want to submit any nominations for
Nominations close in about a week or so
Use the nominations topic for nominations only
Use the Q&A topic for sh*tposts or suggestions


The Categories:

Contribution Awards -> Those who really stand out from the crowd, make good posts, or generally contribute a lot to specific areas of the Forums
Best Poster in GTA Online
Best Poster in Grand Theft Auto [SP-only areas]
Best Poster in Red Dead [SP + Online areas]
Best Poster in Off-Topic
Best Poster in Expression
Best Poster in Modding
Best Poster in GTAO Next DLC Speculation Topic
Best Poster in GTA 6 Speculation Topic

Content Awards -> Special mentions for those who make your Rockstar Community Experience  that bit more enjoyable
Best Post of 2021
Best Topic of 2021
Best Concept or FanFic
Best Concept or FanFic Writer
Funniest Member
Coolest Member
Most Helpful Member
Most Knowledgeable Member
Best Debater
Best New Member
Most Missed Member

Gang Awards -> Who collectively circled your jerk in 2021?
Best Forum Gang
Worst Forum Gang

Staff Awards -> Teacher’s pets, rejoice!
Best Admin
Best Mod
Best Ledby
Most Corrupt Staff

Modding Awards -> The fixer-uppers of the community; applauding mods that have improved upon or added to your games in 2021
Best Script / Plugin
Best Map
Best Total Conversion
Best Vehicle
Best Texture
Best Character
Best Tool
Best Workshop

The (S)hitlist -> Need we say more?
Biggest bitcher of 2021
Most annoying of 2021
Worst sh*tposter of 2021
Biggest shill of 2021
Biggest troll of 2021
Worst attention seeker of 2021
Cringeposter of 2021
Most likely to get banned in 2022

Create Your Own Award -> Thinking of a special someone that really deserves a medal, or a (s)hitlist mention, but there’s no category listed here? Let’s have it


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