Further details revealed about new-generation GTAV graphics

Rockstar have announced further details on the new-generation versions of GTAV and GTA Online today, revealing new graphics modes, clarifying progression transfers, and confirming there will be a physical launch.

The upcoming release will mostly focus on bringing “high-end PC visuals” to console, including faster loading times amongst other fancy things you expect to experience at the equivalent of high graphics settings, but with a sprinkle of ray tracing. There’s also a few new screenshots that you can spot on the Newswire showing off some of the improved lighting and shadows.

It’s still not ultimately clear whether these new features will arrive on PC as well, or whether there will be any new content for story mode or a GTA Online update aside from Hao’s Special Works, but even more details are expected to be revealed next week in the final days before launch.

For now, let’s summarise!

Three new graphics settings on new-generation consoles

High graphics equivalentHigh graphics equivalentHigh graphics equivalent
Ray tracingRay tracing
Native 4K (upscaled on Series S)Upscaled 4K (1080p on Series S)Upscaled 4K
30FPS60FPSTarget of 60FPS

Platform-specific features

  • Haptic feedback and dynamic resistance with PS5 DualSense controller
  • Tempest 3D positional audio on PS5
  • Spatial Sound on Xbox Series X/S

Hao’s Special Works in GTA Online

  • Best-in-class vehicle upgrades
  • New class of races for modded cars
  • Weekly rotation of specialised Time Trials
  • Premium Test Ride feature

Career Builder in GTA Online

  • For new players or players who restart
  • Lump sum of $4 million to choose a business, property, the bare essentials, etc

Misc GTA Online details

  • GTA Online standalone on PS5 is for keeps, as long as you redeem within 3 months and have a PS+ sub
  • Multiple QoL improvements, but no specifics yet
  • Newly designed tutorial
  • New front-end Main Menu that allows you to pick modes directly (assumingly similar to Red Dead Online)

Progress Migration

  • ONE TIME migration
  • Upload your story mode saves to Social Club first (Pause > Game tab > “Upload Save Game”)
  • You can transfer between platforms (e.g. PS4 > Xbox Series X/S)
  • GTA Online progress transfer includes all cash, characters, stats, jobs, etc
  • Sharkcard cash can only be transferred within the same console family (e.g. PS4 > PS5)

Release dates

  • Digital release 15th March
  • Physical release April (TBA)
  • Pre-ordering and pre-loading available on 8th March

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