Tiny Racers and Tax Refund!

As announced a few days ago, the Tiny Racers mode has arrived in GTA Online.

The new mode, which is actually an Adversary Mode rather than a race as such, plays out exclusively with a top down camera where up to 4 players are pit against each other across 7 possible stunt circuits. There’s power-ups to pick up along the way to give you a boost or the fire power to knock out your opponents, as if you’re falling behind in last place you simply blow up and lose!

  • There’s double money and RP across all Tiny Racers maps for the next week or so

Tiny Racers is an attempt to pay homage to classic era of the Grand Theft Auto series, now in it’s 20th year. We hope Rockstar plans to bring the top down camera to other modes as well though. I personally fancy a bit of melee with a baseball bat in this view, or a game of tanks on Vespucci beach.

In addition to the above… free money!

The San Andreas State Treasury Department is giving all residents a $425k tax refund if you log into GTA Online between now and 30th April. Now that’s what I call a nice little bonus to start off the financial year, funnily enough on the same day Take Two Interactive announce their earnings conference will be coming on 23rd May. It might be a sign of expensive things to come as the next major update we know about is Gunrunning.

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