Biker Bonus Event in GTA Online until 15th May

It’s time for motorcycle clubs to have a bit of lovin’ this week as Rockstar brings Biker Bonuses, amongst others, to GTA Online for it’s latest fortnight long event.

Biker Bonuses

  • Double money and RP on clubhouse contract missions
  • 25% discount off clubhouses
  • 25% discount off clubhouse customisation
  • 25% discount off biker properties

Other bonuses

25% extra profits on Special Cargo deliveries

Double money and RP on Tiny Racers Adversary Mode (continues until 8th May only)

25% discount off select vehicles:

Nagasaki Shotaro, Progen T20, Western Company Annihilator, Nagasaki Buzzard, Karin Technical, Vapid Desert Raid, Vapid Trophy Truck

25% discount off select weaponry and armour:

Vehicle Armor, Bullet Proof Tires, Body Armor, Explosive Ammo, Rocket Launchers, Grenade Launchers

The schedules for money boosting races over the next fortnight includes “Damned” Premium Race and “Power Station” Time Trial.

Tax Refund

Everyone who managed to squeeze in some gaming time by logging into GTA Online last week were promised a tax refund bonus of $425k. Well make sure to keep an eye on your bank balance, as Rockstar have announced the deposit is due in this week!

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