Tiny Racers coming 25th April plus 4/20 Bonuses

Rockstar is bringing it back with the nostalgia as a new update to GTA Online is planned for release this Tuesday 25th April: Tiny Racers.

In what appears to be the Top Down adversary mode announced last month, the Tiny Racers trailer reveals a new stunt race mode where up to 4 players are pit against each other on the road with various pick-ups and boosts to grab along the way to ensure you cross the line in one piece. It’s all quite literally in Top Down view as a homage to GTA’s 2D roots and classic kids toys like Micro Machines from the 90s.

The game mode is also releasing in the 20th year of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. What a legacy we’re part of!

As an added bonus for today only, in true Rockstar fashion and in co-operation with the stoners of Los Santos and Blaine County, green is the theme for 4/20:

  • 50% discount off Weed Farm Businesses
  • 50% discount off Weed Farm Business Upgrades
  • 50% extra profits from Weed Sales
  • 50% discount off green tire smoke

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