PEDS: Fan-made Vice movies!

What with the recent events in the Grand Theft Auto scene going a bit, um, under the weather at the moment, it’s nice to kick back once in a while and take a break from that hectic game we call life. If you’re bored and at a loss for things to do, take a gander at PEDS. (Sorry about the run-on sentence.)

60 Minutes: Can A Video Game Lead To Murder?

The fun just doesn’t stop for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Even though the game is now over 3 years old, the media is still taking shots at Tommy Vercetti’s escapades through the Florida sunshine. Today, CBS’s prime-time news broadcast 60 Minutes covered a story (originally reported in March, while the incident itself happened in June of 2003) about an

Forelli Jailed

This is quite an old story, but I thought it was worth mentioning anyway. Tom Sizemore, voiceactor of GTA Vice City’s Sonny Forelli, has been jailed after failing a drug test in February. His bail was set at $25,000. Sizemore’s attorney, Michael Rovell, told the press that the sample Sizemore provided was too low to have come from the human

Paving the Way to the ‘Big Screen’

It seems that every time a successful GTA game is released, gossip pages start whispering hints and writing articles to their writers about a possible Grand Theft Auto movie. I’m sure you can find news on our older sites and about the same thing, and it seems Variety Magazine has decided it’s time to write another article about bringing video

Myriad Islands Beta Installer

For the last year or so, a number of us over at GTAForums have been working on a massive mod for the PC version of Vice City called Myriad Islands. This mod (or total conversion, rather) aims to create a whole new city, cars, characters, weapons and missions for the game. Up until now, the mod has really only been

Electronic Arts Buys Criterion

After what some might argue are laggy sales, and the closing and/or downsizing of a few development houses, EA Games has plans to acquire Criterion Software- who, as you probably know, are the makers of the Renderware engine used in GTA3, VC, and San Andreas. According to this press release, it is said to be simply a matter of wanting the

MTA 0.4 to be released

Time to dig up that ol’ CD & boot up GTA once more – within the next few hours, version 0.4 of Multi-Theft Auto will be released! Multi-Theft Auto is a fan-made modification to the PC versions of Grand Theft Auto 3 and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. This mod allows multiple players to connect over the internet, raising hell and causing

New PC Screenshot Exclusive

The kind folks over at Rockstar Games just sent us over our very own exclusive high-res (and quite lovely, might I add) screenshot of the upcoming PC version of Vice City. Between bouncing around happily and prodding the news includes to write this update (a new news system is on it’s way, honest), I took a moment to study the Launched Launched

In case you haven’t yet noticed,, the newest addition to our network, has launched. Go check the opening news post there, and from now on you’ll find all your GTA: Vice City news from there!