Myriad Islands Beta Installer

For the last year or so, a number of us over at GTAForums have been working on a massive mod for the PC version of Vice City called Myriad Islands. This mod (or total conversion, rather) aims to create a whole new city, cars, characters, weapons and missions for the game. Up until now, the mod has really only been distributed on the forums in manually installed chunks for development purposes, or for any souls brave enough to have a go at removing the old map and sorting out the mass of files themselves. Today, however, team member GT-1 has put together an installer package with the currently finished bits of Myriad Islands ready-to-play. Here’s what he had to say about the package:

Its probably the closest Myriad is going to get to a true installer atm, probably due to the fact of SA release for the PS2. Anyway some people might have heard me talk of this Installer Package for a while. I began creating one a few weeks back but I ran into problems with my method so I decided to change to another method. Basically you download the package unzip it using winRAR select the directory where you want the files to go and press copy, then run the BWinstaller and it installs it all for you. I and another guy (TGR, cheers buud) have tested the package quite a few times and it works.

I changed the ID numbers of some of the objects so they were correct, created some install scripts for it to run smoothly, but thanks to Spaceeinstein and Barton for numerous other scripts that I have implemented into this. 

So what exactly does this install:
– Base Land (Blank Land), streetsigns, streetlights, paths, latest waterpro.dat and weapon.dat other various smaller files liek this.
– All cars upto teh present date (9th December 2004), last vehicle included was by Delfi. Installs wheelpack, Dmagic1 wheelmod etc.
– All weapons to date.
– Interface and HUD icons, intro and outro screens.
– Lots;
Berlin Demo by ODIE, Commercial District by sAdIsTiCmAcHiNe, Swimming Pool by LazioFreak, Park by LazioFreak, Yacht Showroom by Snow Racer, NRON Building by ChickenPlucker, Vehicle Showroom by Chickenplucker, Pacific Bay Industrial Estate by JasonB, illcom to illsub Bridge by illspirit, Police Station + Hosipital by illspirit, Myriad Skyline by ODIE.

Check the ReadMe I am bound to have missed some things which this package installs……

If you’ld like to give the mod a try, you can download the installer by clicking right here. And if you have any questions, problems, or comments (and for more information), you can find the related topic about package over here.