SA:MP – what’s been fixed so far?

SA:MP team leader kyeman has revealed a list of bugs which he claims have been fixed and are ready for the next public beta test, which is due to take place soon. Problems related to the EU version of SA should be solved. Fixed weapon model not always displaying during passenger driveby. Fixed player couldn’t do a normal driveby while passengers were

San Andreas Multiplayer Simultaneous Development

Ever since the Multi Theft Auto team brought multiplayer Grand Theft Auto to GTA3 and Vice City, other coders have taken interest in making their own multiplayer modifications. With a few weeks having passed since the release of SanAn on PC, progress has been made in making a multiplayer San Andreas modification. Our own team, San Andreas Multiplayer, has merged with GTA Connection,

Myriad Islands Beta Installer

For the last year or so, a number of us over at GTAForums have been working on a massive mod for the PC version of Vice City called Myriad Islands. This mod (or total conversion, rather) aims to create a whole new city, cars, characters, weapons and missions for the game. Up until now, the mod has really only been