SA:MP – what’s been fixed so far?

SA:MP team leader kyeman has revealed a list of bugs which he claims have been fixed and are ready for the next public beta test, which is due to take place soon.

  • Problems related to the EU version of SA should be solved.
  • Fixed weapon model not always displaying during passenger driveby.
  • Fixed player couldn’t do a normal driveby while passengers were drivebying.
  • Fixed remote players animation not aiming up/down with certain weapons.
  • Weapons are now disabled in some interiors to prevent Ammunation campers and Casino lurkers.
  • Cheaters who manage to spawn invalid vehicles will be banned automatically.
  • max_players is now checked against MAX_PLAYERS internally to prevent servers from spoofing artificial player limits.
  • Radio has mostly been fixed. There are some minor issues with it still. Turn the radio off if it gets too annoying.

He also reports that the following new features have been implemented:

  • Chat now supports extended ASCII, which means Polish and Russian characters will display if you have Polish or Russian selected as the default language for non-Unicode applications in Windows. F6 is the alternate chat key if you don’t have ‘T’.
  • Chat font has been improved and number of chat lines increased to 10 instead of 7.
  • Checkpoints now show on the radar.
  • Players no longer have arrows floating over them when player markers are enabled.
  • Car mod shops are now useable and synced.

So when do you get to play?

“The truth is that we don’t know. Beta’s must pass through a set of smaller tests with 10-20 players before we allow them to be tested publicly. If any serious issues pop up in smaller tests we have to cancel the public beta, which means it can be delayed for upto several weeks.”

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