More previews on their way..

GTAReactor.de are reporting that the August edition of German magazine “Games Aktuell” will contain a new and exclusive preview of Grand Theft Auto IV, with 20 screenshots and an exclusive video (very unlikely to be game footage). We are expecting this preview to be much the same as the PLAY and GamesTM articles that we summarized last week, so although we might learn one or

Screenshots Too?

SPOnG have been in touch with Rockstar and say they were promised that the trailer will “not be one of those annoyingly short teasers”, but instead will be the first substantial look into what GTA IV is all about. Interestingly though, they also claimed they will be recieving a bunch of new screenshots from the game which will be shown on the SPOnG

Visuals for Vice City Stories on PlayStation 2

With Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories ready to be released in stores on the 9th of March, the trailer for Vice City Stories PS2 (Google Video) has been made available by Rockstar Games and SPOnG.com. Here are some publicity screenshots which have been circulating as of late. Hopefully this gives you a good indication of what the game will look like on the PlayStation

PSP Release Date

Rockstar’s sales team in the US has seemingly let slip the release date of the as-yet untitled GTA offering for Sony’s PlayStation Portable – SPOnG report. The release date is said to be April 15th. The date is for the US only and now resides on various American retail and games sites as a permanent fixture, good news for Sony as

Multiplayer Details Fully Exposed

After the online multiplayer rumors were shot down by Rockstar, new ones emerged from magazines stating there will be a two-player, co-operative mode. We now have more information on this rumor. SPOnG.com visited Rockstar offices yesterday for a demonstration of San Andreas, and they decided to pursue these multiplayer rumors. After hearing the same lines from Rockstar reps about no multiplayer