Multiplayer Details Fully Exposed

After the online multiplayer rumors were shot down by Rockstar, new ones emerged from magazines stating there will be a two-player, co-operative mode. We now have more information on this rumor. visited Rockstar offices yesterday for a demonstration of San Andreas, and they decided to pursue these multiplayer rumors. After hearing the same lines from Rockstar reps about no multiplayer functionality, they did manage to pay close to attention to the game and are able to bring us this new info:

There will, however, be a dedicated co-operative mode for two players. During the game, a scene ensues when the player rescues a girl from a burning building. After this act of gallantry, she becomes your in-game girlfriend and also, a playable second character. Most of the co-op action takes place inside vehicles, with player one driving and player 2 shooting. When the co-op mode is opened, icons will display the missions available to two player on the game’s map.

What’s more, a plethora of two-player minigames will be included in San Andreas. Unfortunately SPOnG has no specific details regarding these right now, though we can confirm that various parlour games will be included.


To sum it up:

  • Dedicated two-player experience for a second player to join in.
  • CJ will rescue a girl from a burning building, they engage in a relationship and the girl will be playable (probably using second controller).
  • Co-operative features include one person driving and the other shooting, and a range of other mini-games.
  • When co-operative mode is enabled, icons will display two-player missions on the map.

That means a whole new playing experience, with co-operative mode for a second person to join in! Add this to the already existing information about the huge state and three cities and I think Rockstar has gone beyond anything we were expecting.