New GameInformer Info & Screens

Only an hour after Rockstar first released the gameplay video giving us our first look at the single player side of the game, GameInformer have followed up by releasing two new exclusive Q&A’s. The Q&A’s focus specifically on Gun Combat and Customization. Below is a summary of the info contained in the two articles. Overhaul of gun play to open up new styles

E3 Screenshots Released

Along with the PlayStation 3 bundle announcement yesterday at Sony’s conference at E3, new screenshots were shown on stage. Today, they were released in high resolution. And in case you missed the conference, Sony unveiled a PlayStation 3 bundle that includes a copy of GTAV and a 500GB PlayStation 3 console for $299. They also unveiled a separate headset, at

New Deep Sea Screenshot

Rockstar have uploaded all outstanding screenshots to their gallery on the official GTA V website this evening, most of which were seen recently in the EDGE Magazine preview. They have also uploaded this additional screenshot, showing presumably one of the main characters scuba diving next to a submarine and possibly an explorable shipwreck in the background. Thanks to GTAForums member sarvesh25 for

Edge Release New Screenshots & New Info

Yet another day, yet more screenshots. Edge have released their preview of GTA V which sees us greeted with three new screenshots for GTA fans to analyse. The three new screenshots showcase Trevor and Franklin eluding the authorities and Franklin stealing a car in Los Santos. The preview also includes some new info which we’ve listed below. “Time will sometimes pass when

GameInformer Release New Screenshots

Thanks to Game Informer, we have another batch of screenshots to analyse. Twelve unseen images have emerged showing Michael, Trevor and Franklin in plenty of action; as well as some sweet new surroundings of Los Santos and the underwater environment. Check out our gallery for a slideshow of all the screenshots released so far, and post your thoughts on GTAForums!

GTAV Online Previews and Screenshots

The new previews for GTAV have started to show up. Find the links below, in addition to our summary and the new screenshots and new artwork. Previews: English: Kotaku CVG (video) CVG EDGE VideoGamer Destructoid USA Today Foreign Language: GamesAktuel (Deutsch) JeuxVideo (France) Meristation (Spain) (Italian) GameKings (NL) You can buy property; houses, garages, businesses and marinas can all be purchased for

New Grand Theft Auto V Screenshot

As part of an update to the screenshot section of the official GTAV website, Rockstar released a new screenshot featuring Trevor. An additional screenshot, that was previously featured in a magazine preview, was also released in digital form. Rockstar also released various downloadable versions of previously released artwork, and noted that the game’s official cover (front of box art) will be released later

Five New GTA V Screenshots

In what could be considered Rockstar’s holiday gift to their hoards of GTA fans, they released five new screenshots in the early hours of Monday morning showcasing more of GTA V. Share your thoughts on these new screenshots over at GTAForums.

New GTAV Screenshots

Hope everyone enjoyed today’s trailer! Here’s a little something extra. Check out these four new screenshots we just received. Click for full resolution versions.