New GameInformer Info & Screens

Only an hour after Rockstar first released the gameplay video giving us our first look at the single player side of the game, GameInformer have followed up by releasing two new exclusive Q&A’s. The Q&A’s focus specifically on Gun Combat and Customization. Below is a summary of the info contained in the two articles.

  • Overhaul of gun play to open up new styles of shooting while playing
  • In addition to left and right aiming and triggering, there is run and shoot
  • When engaged in combat, character’s default speed switches to combat jog for improved mobility
  • Each character’s personality is reflected in their movements and use of weapons: Trevor’s aggressiveness, Franklin’s swagger and Michael’s efficiency
  • Gun play still GTA-based at core, but have used other studios to bring aspects of RDR and MP3 over
  • Overhaul of aiming system to make game more immersive, split into 3 modes with hard lock removed: assisted, traditional and free aim
  • Car can be used as cover by getting out and staying low to avoid exposure
  • Wide range of weapon modifications available in Ammunation such as clips, grips, tints and other attachments
  • Some missions request you to customise vehicles in a certain way, the rest is up for experimentation
  • Vehicle customisation taken a lot further than in GTA SA
  • Pay & Spray not in game – replaced by Los Santos Customs stores that are located throughout the map
  • More than 1000 vehicle modifications available, both cosmetic and performance
  • You can take a photo of your finished vehicle and upload it to Social Club

Along with the new info on gun combat and customization, GameInformer have also dropped seven new screenshots as well!

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