San Andreas Seizes Top Spot in Japanese Sales Charts

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was released in Japan on the 25th of January, 2007, and sold 227,261 units in its debut week. San Andreas outperformed the second best seller, Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker, by over 120,000 units. The game has undergone multiple edits, as a result of scrutiny and complaints by the media. The japanese version makes it, among

SA-MP v0.2 Progress

For all you SA-MP fans out there you’ll be glad to hear that the team have been making good progress with the development of v0.2. I got the chance to test it out on Friday, and I compiled a short video showing some of the latest improvements and features, which you can check out over at (some) improvements/new features: Sniper

Brother death ‘natural’ says Penn

Sean Penn – the brother of Chris Penn, who voiced Officer Eddie Pulaski in GTA: San Andreas – insists his brother’s death in January was due to obesity and not down to drink or drug abuse. “He had certainly been a fantastically self-abusing guy over periods of his life, but that wasn’t the case in the end. He died a natural death

Mods of the Month: June

Welcome to the first issue of Mods of the Month (MOTM). This month we saw the legendary GTA3 mixed back into our copies of San Andreas in the form of a selection of vehicle and plane conversions by andy-luzak. GTA3 Blista by andy-luzakGTA3 BF Injection by andy-luzakGTA3 Helicopter by andy-luzakGTA3 Airtrain (DC-9) by andy-luzak We also saw the latest work

San Andreas Multiplayer – Beta #2 Kicks-Off

UPDATE: The test is now over. The SA:MP team are now holding a second public beta test in which anybody is free to come along and play. Join the IRC channel for more info, or click here if you don’t have an IRC client. Have fun! Related Link:SA:MP Website

SA:MP – what’s been fixed so far?

SA:MP team leader kyeman has revealed a list of bugs which he claims have been fixed and are ready for the next public beta test, which is due to take place soon. Problems related to the EU version of SA should be solved. Fixed weapon model not always displaying during passenger driveby. Fixed player couldn’t do a normal driveby while passengers were

SA:MP Public Beta Testing (Now over)

UPDATE: The test is now over, but there will be more in the near future. SA:MP are currently holding public beta tests for SA:MP Beta1. If you’ve like to come and play, join the IRC Channel and follow the instructions from there. See here for information about using IRC. Related, GTAForums

SA:MP Updates

Here are some new SA:MP screenshots plus a video that I’ve been working on over the past few weeks. Enjoy: Make sure you head over to the team’s official website for information on the latest developments. Related Links: SA:MP Official Website, GTAForums

SA:MP Gamemode Media

This afternoon I made another SA:MP video using clips taken from recent tests. This video shows what some of the new game modes involve. There’s also a whole bunch of new screenshots which you can see over at SA:MP’s official website. »» Download Video Related,