Liberty City Stories Reviewed

Cherck out IGN’s five page review of GTA: Liberty City Stories which also contains a variety of new screenshots. IGN rated each element of the game individually, all of which recieved high 8.5’s and 9.5’s, with the game getting an overall 9/10. Impressive. A reminder to those of you in North America – GTA: Liberty City Stories is in stores now, so go

Soundtrack Box Set Released

A recent Rockstar newsletter has announced the release of the San Andreas Official Soundtrack 8 CD Box Set. The set consists of 8 different CDs, all packed with different flavours of 90s music, and Rockstar’s marketing people have called it “the mother load of the San Andreas musical experience.” Read more about the San Andreas soundtrack at the official website, or

Enjoy San Andreas

With the numbers speaking for themselves, and analysts expecting the total sales of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas to surpass those of best selling box office flicks such as Titanic, San Andreas is undoubtedly a success. And looking at the activity on our San Andreas forums, there is a huge number of people playing the game already. With that in mind, a few helpful members of