Enjoy San Andreas

With the numbers speaking for themselves, and analysts expecting the total sales of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas to surpass those of best selling box office flicks such as Titanic, San Andreas is undoubtedly a success. And looking at the activity on our San Andreas forums, there is a huge number of people playing the game already.

With that in mind, a few helpful members of our forums have put together some helpful documents for your gaming pleasure.

  • Meth. has put together a 100% Tick Sheet which lists all the things you need to do to finish San Andreas. It’s a huge list, which you’re free to print out.
  • Tehhunter has put together a good list of commonly asked questions, which he is constantly updating.
  • One of the first San Andreas walkthroughs has been published on GameFAQs, so if you’re stuck on anything be sure to check there.

Also, don’t hesitate to register and ask questions on our Gameplay forum. With close to 50,000 registered people, you will surely get an answer.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be rearranging the site to provide more helpful information to enjoy the game, breaking up the screenshots section and putting up more screenshots and plenty more. The fun has just started!