GTA IV gets 18 rating in UK

According to MCV, Grand Theft Auto IV has been rated 18 in the UK by the British Board of Film Classification. If the report is true, it would come as no real surprise, as all of the previous Grand Theft Auto games were rated 18. Confirmation is expected to appear shortly on the BBFC website. Link: (thanks to devil_spawn666 for the info.)

New preview from OPM UK – Coming March 12, 2008

A couple of weeks ago we informed you that Kikizo/IGN/GameSpot etc. (the usual suspects) in addition to EGM were all due to post exclusive previews based on their hands-on experiences with GTA IV. We can now also confirm that Official PlayStation Magazine (OPM) UK will be featuring an exclusive preview in their next issue, which goes on sale March 12. In a

Grand Theft Auto IV Previews in PSU3 and OPM2 UK

Following the recent release of new screenshots and online previews, two new magazine previews for GTA IV made its way to UK readers. First is a magazine called PlayStation 3 Unlimited, still with the same introductory preview, and the Official PlayStation 2 Magazine, who seems like they’re just writing a lot of speculative information. Firstly, PSU3 says that there are four

Details of GTA IV Preview in UK PSM3 Emerging

The May issue of PSM3 in the United Kingdom goes on sale in a few days on May 10, although some subscribers are starting to receive their issues. While details of the issue is yet to show up on our forums, one or two high profile UK gaming websites claim to have received their issue and posted information from it. By

PSM3 Review

UK magazine PSM3 have published their review of GTA: Vice City Stories, giving it a final rating of 91/100. Some details from the review worth mentioning: You can fly around the city in a number of different aircraft, including your very own private gyrocopter. Vic can only swim for a limited period of time, and getting back to land can prove

New Preview in GamesMaster (UK)

We reported last month that UK magazine GamesMaster would feature a preview of Vice City Stories in their upcoming issue, and today we managed to learn of it’s contents. There are no new screenshots – and a majortiy of the details we already know – but there are a few interesting bits that are worth mentioning: One of the radio songs

OPM2UK feature on Vice City Stories

G’day, folks. Official Playstation2 Magazine (UK) is the second publication to feature information on Vice City Stories, less than a week after Australian GamePRO got the first hands-on look at the new Grand Theft Auto title. Most of the content is familiar ground, and echoes the details given by GamePRO – however, there are a handful of specifics that we’re

UK rating to remain unchanged

There appears to be some confusion regarding the UK rating of GTA San Andreas. Many suggested that the recent re-rating from M to AO in the US would lead to a re-rating in the UK, but Roger Bennett, director general of ELSPA, has confirmed that the game will retain its 18+ rating for the foreseeable future. However, this may change.

Television Adverts Banned

Adverts for GTA San Andreas have been banned from being shown before the watershed on UK television, after 8 complaints from concerned parents. Parents say the adverts were shown before 2100 GMT, when children could have been watching. Some adverts contained scenes of violence and the use of guns, whilst another showed the spraying of graffiti and use of guns

UK’s Best Selling Game of 2004

GTA San Andreas has comfortably taken the spot of best selling game of 2004 in the UK, reports San Andreas topped the full-year chart for 2004, despite only having been released at the end of October. The new GTA also set the record for the fastest selling video game title in the UK, moving over the million line in 9 days, and