Official Site Updates, First Reviews

Rockstar games announced earlier on that some updates have been made to the official Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Xbox and PC sites. The video section of the PC version site has been updated with two video clips. First first one shows a Hunter helicopter flying around the desert and the second shows off the urban area of Los Santos. Both are quite spectacular visually,

Gamespot San Andreas Q&A session with Rockstar North pt. 2

Gamespot has posted another Q&A session with Rockstar North regarding game physics, AI and modding in the upcoming PC release. While most of the information will be old news for PS2 gamers (and quite a few PC gamers as well), technical details seem to have become much more “sophisticated” now that we’re enterting the PC realm: “The buoyancy forces that are applied

Xbox Preview @ GameSpot

After a long quiet spell, GameSpot are finally offering some new GTA San Andreas material. The preview itself contains nothing that we didn’t already know, but it was accompanied by 6 brand new screenshots. We saw a significantly greater draw distance in the demo we played, which means the horizon is farther away than in the PS2 version, so you can see a lot

State politicians proposing more game regulation

Lawmakers across the country continue to propose legislation that protects youths from the harmful effects of violent games, or that are rated “M” (for Mature content) by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board. This week, State senator of Arkansas, Shawn Womack, authored a bill that would require shops that rent or sell M-rated games to display them at a height of

Gamespot Gameplay Guide

Gamespot have put up their own San Andreas gameplay guide, which covers all the basics and walkthroughs for all of the core missions. It consists of 32 pages and from what I’ve seen, is very thorough. It is also free, but I believe it requires a Gamespot Basic (free) registration to view.

New digital screenshots

GameSpot have added 20 new digital screenshots to their gallery, so be sure to check them out. San Andreas will be released in the UK on 29th October. For those of you who already have the game (presumably in the US) check out this GTAForums topic for a list of confirmed cheats.

GameSpot & IGN Reviews

GameSpot and IGN were first to review Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas online, with the game scoring 9.6 and 9.9 out of 10! Both sites have added quite a number of new screenshots to their galleries (32 on GameSpot). The images show off the new HUD display, CJ playing pool, and the very first co-op screens. Be sure to check out the new videos on IGN and GameSpot, and of course GameSpot’s

Street Talking & NEW Movies

GameSpot have released a brand new preview focusing on Street Talk. A bulleted list for your pleasure: CJ has many different moods that he articulates through over 4,200 comments. This number excludes the over 3,500 scripted comments and lines in the over two hours of motion-captured cut-scenes. Depending on the way you treat and customise CJ, his mood will change as

Thug life, yo!

GameSpot have released a new preview focusing on “thug life”. Here is a quick summary of the new info: Rockstar North did some ‘gang research’ whilst developing San Andreas. To help with this, they consulted DJ Pooh, Mister Cartoon, Estevan Oriol, and hundreds of other people. Gangs in Los Santos include: The Orange Grove Families, the Ballas, the Vagos, and the

Thursday Las Venturas Screenshots

IGN have added brand new screenshot of Las Venturas to their gallery. This is one of the first looks we have had at the gambling system. It shows the player playing Blackjack with the dealer, and winning. Go check it out! Gamespot have also added a new screenshot to their collection. The screenshot shows a dune buggy driving through the desert, and