Throwback: The Epsilon Program GTA V Contest

Throwback: The Epsilon Program GTA V Contest

During the pre-release period of GTA V, Rockstar launched a contest for community members to be able to have their faces as characters in-game as members of the Epsilon Program cult, much like what they had done with Max Payne 3 before. The Epsilon Program website and the Newswire first announced the contest via a recruitment ad from Cris Formage,

Liberty Swingers Contest

Who doesn’t love a good Grand Theft Auto swag giveaway? Rockstar has recently launched a new contest (open to US residents only, unfortunately) to go along with the unveiling of the official Grand Theft Auto IV website. Up for grabs is one of fifty (50!) limited-edition Liberty City Swingers t-shirts. To give you a rough approximation of what the shirts look like, I

GTA: Treasure Hunt

GTA: Treasure Hunt is a contest organized by PatrickW and Dutchy3010, which involves searching for hidden packages and other tasks using a specially created GTA: San Andreas modfication. The contest will be hosted simultaneously on and To take part simply register at our forums and post in this topic. You will then be added to the list of participants. To take part you need a copy of