GTA: Treasure Hunt

GTA: Treasure Hunt is a contest organized by PatrickW and Dutchy3010, which involves searching for hidden packages and other tasks using a specially created GTA: San Andreas modfication. The contest will be hosted simultaneously on and To take part simply register at our forums and post in this topic. You will then be added to the list of participants. To take part you need a copy of GTA: San Andreas (PC version 1) a free save game slot, and of course, time to search!

How do I install and start the modification?

  1. Unzip this archive.
  2. Copy the directory “MPACK” into the directory “GTA San Andreas User Files” in “My Documents”.
  3. Start GTA: San Andreas , start a new game and choose from the list that pops up: “Treasure Hunt”.

How will the contest work?

The contest consists of a number of rounds, which will each last 3 days. After starting the modification (as described above) you will be placed in a building with 9 pickups. At the start of each round, we will give the correct sequence in which the pickups have to be collected. With that sequence the “missions” for that round will be started and you have to meet your objectives. When you see the “Mission Passed” message, you must take a screenshot. After that you will be presented with a save screen, which you should use to save the game in your free slot. After that you have to send the screenshot and the savefile to PatrickW or Dutchy3010. After each round, points will be awarded based on the sequence of arrival. The total points over all the rounds will determine the overall winner.

How can I remove the modification?

By simply deleting the directory “MPACK” from “GTA San Andreas User Files” all changes will be removed.


  • The submitted screenshot and savefile must match.
  • You can only submit your own screenshot and savefile.
  • Use of cheat-codes is not allowed.
  • In case of a disagreement, the contest-leaders will decide.

For more details on the time schedule and to learn how points are awarded, visit this topic.