The Chain Game

The Chain Game is something which has been running successfully at our forums for more than 20 months now, so we are now giving it some much-deserved recognition. It is currently run by JAJ, and the objective of the game is quite simple – to start a new game from the beginning and achieve 100%. Anybody can contribute by “calling” the mission that they want to do, and then completing it before re-posting the save game file for others to contribute. There are some basic guidelines however which you must comply to, and you can find these over in The Chain Game topic.

In some rounds, the save game files contain special features such as new vehicle spawns, new weapon pickups, and new safehouses. The latest round features additional unique stunt jumps, and future rounds will see more (new, and cooler) features. These saves were developed by OrionSR and pdescobar.

The Chain Game is currently in its 20th round, and to take part you must be a registered member of our forums. Once you are registered, visit The Chain Game topic and be sure to read the guidelines thoroughly so that you know what’s going on.

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