Special Vehicle Circuits coming to GTA Online 14th March

Thursdays are pretty great. It’s Friday tomorrow and today we’ve had a Newswire update for a change!

Special Vehicles are coming to stunt race circuits next Tuesday, 14th March. There will be 20 new races in total, shared between the Ruiner 2000, the Rocket Voltic and the Blazer Aqua. There’s no mention of the remaining Special Vehicles, but perhaps they’ll come later down the line in another Cunning Stunts refresh.

To accompany the races, the Progen GP1 is getting it’s debut on Tuesday, for sale via Legendary Motorsport for a yet-to-be-known price.

In preparation, perhaps because the Progen GP1 and the Special Vehicles are pretty expensive, we’ve got a weekend long sale and discount bonuses until Monday:

  • 25% discount off Executive Offices and Office Garages
  • Unspecified bonuses for CEO work
  • Discounts on Special Vehicles (we’re not sure if this means you need to own them to do the races? We’d guess not, but the wording is iffy)
  • Double money and RP on Special Vehicle missions
  • Double salary for bodyguards and associates

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