New updates for GTA Online in 2017


A pleasant surprise… Rockstar Games updated the Newswire this afternoon with some highlights of what’s in store for GTA Online this year. With old-gen character transfers ending next week, the community did expect something to be announced this month as an upgrade incentive, and they weren’t wrong!

There’s a very cool top down style Adversary Mode mentioned in the article, as well as a descriptive preview of “massive” updates coming to the platform this summer and new content like the highly requested Infernus and mention of “military” hardware… (Hunter anyone?)

Find below a quick summary of Rockstar’s plans for GTA Online in 2017:

** Cunning Stunts Update (Part II) releases sometime this month and introduces Special Vehicles to new stunt race circuits

** Gunrunning Update releases sometime this spring and will see us battling new “militias” across the map in new missions with weaponized vehicles and high-powered military hardware

** Special Vehicles are being added to the Content Creator

** New Adversary Modes – Resurrection (a dodgeball style game) and Top Down (literally top down, as a homage to the 2D games!)

** New vehicles – the Turismo Classic, the Infernus Classic and the Progen GP1

** And more updates coming soon over the course of the summer that are yet to be announced

Plus Rockstar requests that we keep the feedback coming as they do listen! So if you’ve still got ideas shoot them an email using their feedback form, and you can always head to our GTA Online section where we have a plethora of wishlist threads to chew on as well. Mmmmm.

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