Special Vehicle Circuits and Progen GP1 released on GTA Online

As promised last week, there’s a new cat in town on the stunt race circuits of San Andreas: Special Vehicles. The Rocket Voltic, Ruiner 2000 and Blazer Aqua have been introduced in 20 all new races especially created to make use of each vehicle’s talents. There’s massive jumps and new lighted tunnels which are especially trippy, and the Blazer Aqua races may be a little slow but they are certainly fun, especially when someone tries to ram you mid-splash…

Rockstar seem pretty excited about this update as they have also treated us to a trailer to show off some of the circuits and tease the upcoming classic vehicles, set with the soundtrack of a Soulwax FM tune. Very nice!

  • All of the new Special Vehicle Circuits are double money and RP for another week

The “pure and flawless” Progen GP1 has also been added to the Legendary Motorsport catalogue today for a cool $1.26 million. It looks pretty from the front and been likened to a Lego brick from the back, but if you’re aiming to impress on the streets and like to customise your stripes, it’s worth a buy.

Along with the above, we’ve got:

  • Vehicles that had to be acquired during any of the Heists are now available to buy as “instant access”
  • Pegasus delivered vehicles like the Rhino, Annihilator, Buzzard and Dubsta 6×6 are no longer rank-locked for purchasing (get your griefer protection ready…)
  • 25% discount off stilt houses and penthouse apartments
  • 25% discount off the Progen T20
  • 25% discount off engine upgrades, turbo upgrades, exhausts, spoilers
  • 25% discount off submachine guns
  • 25% discount off body armour
  • 25% discount off Import/Export clothing
  • New Premium Races for Special Vehicles – this week is “Redneck”

A few confirmed “coming soon” updates that’ll likely be trickling through in the month of March:

  • Stunt race props in the Content Creator
  • Special Vehicle Races for the Content Creator
  • Ressurection and Top Down adversary modes

And last but not least….

  • The Infernus and Turismo classics will finally also be brought to the game this month along with a “particularly morbid” muscle car (the Duke O’Death for GTA Online confirmed!?!)
Snapmatic from gta5car.com

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