GTA Online updates the Content Creator and adds the Hijak Ruston

It’s that Tuesday feeling. With the Special Vehicle Circuits Event lasting up until Wednesday, we may have expected a little Red Dead Redemption 2 news today, but alas it wasn’t to be…

First things first, an all new vehicle, the Hijak Ruston, was released to Legendary Motorsport today. It’s so low it feels like you’re gliding along the tarmac, and with it’s open top you might want to don a helmet if you’ve just got your hair done. It costs a cool $430k, and in all honesty it does look a bit weird, but it’s quirky looks are kind of appealing. I’ll leave the people who are good at analysing vehicles to tell you how well it actually runs…

In the second and most useful part of today’s update, the Content Creator community has been treated to a new catalogue to play with, paving the way for a lot more exciting stunt races with Special Vehicles.

  • Included: new prop collection with hurdles, boosts refills, explosive crates, destructive walls and pretty lit (I mean literally lit up with lights, I’m not trying to sound young) disco tunnels.

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