Infernus Classic and New Adversary Mode Released for GTA Online

Let the classics begin!

The Infernus Classic from Pegassi, first teased a few weeks ago, finally hit Los Santos this morning and is now for sale in Legendary Motorsport for just over $900k. Smooth lines, a big booty, sultry come-to-bed-eyes… it’s a collector’s wet dream. Style it in white and it’ll take back to the Vice City days (if you were born then).

Along with the new vehicle, the first of the recently announced Adversary Modes has been enabled: Ressurection. There’s 7 maps to enjoy between two teams, and the objective is basically to kill your rivals and every time you do it’ll revive a dead teammate, scoring points for your team as you progress through each round.

Rockstar have also allowed us to earn double money and RP in the new Ressurection mode, so it’s time to swap wheels for guns again, as every little helps.

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