Snap Saturday: Earth Day 2023

Welcome to Snap Saturday, GTANet’s ode to the virtual photography community who continue to capture some amazingly creative shots across GTA and Red Dead.

Today, 22nd April, is Earth Day – its theme this year is Invest in Our Planet. It’s a day to demonstrate support for the protection of our environment, awareness of climate change, our forests, our ecosystems, the planet we live in as a whole.
More than ever, there has been a necessity to highlight all of the increasingly severe issues affecting our home planet, with the way we handle it and how it’s dying increasingly fast on our own hands if we don’t do something about it – from being vocal about issues, to, well, real action.

It’s not just real life that offers us the beauty of planet Earth, and virtual life can help us appreciate how important it is to keep our real Earth healthy: video games like GTA and Red Dead also offer us the beauty of nature, and can help us celebrate the real deal – our atmosphere, our fauna and flora, entire ecosystems, all the things that we should strive to protect in real life.

So this week, we’re keeping things nature-focused, electric-car focused (you can still have cool, non-polluting vehicles!), bicycle or horseback-focused, and more (including a couple examples of nature fighting back…), across GTA Online and Red Dead Redemption 2/Online.

Next week, keeping it natural (please do not litter and throw your stuff on the floor!), and to give everyone a chance to ready up their best weed, we’ll be looking at all the 4/20 greenery that everyone has already been getting engaged with.


Post your photos on GTAForums or use the #GTAOnline / #RedDeadOnline / #RedDeadRedemption2 hashtags on Twitter and you might see your efforts highlighted in future GTANet Snap Saturdays!