Site Development Continues…

Just want to give you guys a heads-up on what’s moving and shaking on the site. I’m sure you don’t check every page daily for updates (if you do, you need a head check), so here’s a quick overview.

We’ve started working on a little guide of our own, focusing on the main storyline missions. Available right now are the introductory, Los Santos and the countryside missions. The page replaces the old missions page from prior to game release, when we knew the details of only a handful of missions. The walkthrough will be expanded in the upcoming week to include San Fierro, Las Venturas and the final missions, and a notice will be posted on the front page to signify completion.

The new weapons page has been completed, and is now replacing the old one. Along with lengthy descriptions and weapons statistics, every weapon has a little icon, to represent what it would look like in the game.

Because of popular demand, a 100% checklist page was put together. Along with a list of missions for the cities and the countryside, it also includes a list of all the odd jobs you will need to complete to acheive that 100%. You may also want to use our flash map to find the exact locations for the hidden horseshoes, spray tagging spots and the photo ops. On that topic, the map has been slightly adjusted to correct a few errors that were brought up in the feedback.

Keep enjoying your San Andreas game, and feel free to contribute to topic on our San Andreas forums, for example to what does your CJ look like. You can count on us to keep you up to date with the latest San Andreas news.