Screenshots, anyone?

Screenshots, screenshots everywhere… and not a single one to link.

Most of you have probably seen the magazine scans circulating the web by now. Catching glimpses of the cops on motorbikes, thugs covered in bright violet tracksuits and overly-obese versions of Carl Johnson. They’re appealing, awe-inspiring, and make you want the game that much more – hell, I know I want it that much more from seeing those screenshots!

Fansites, struggling to stay up to date with the news and latest content, have only magazine scans to refer to when it comes to getting new screens. Low-resolution scanner imaging isn’t the greatest thing in the world, but it’s all we have. It’s not pretty, it’s not stupendous, and as far as I know it’s on the border of copyright infringement.

This is the decision that GTA fansite staffers have to make. Should we push the envelope by revealing to the community what’s in store by cropping screens out of magazine scans, or do we go the other route, the “high road” so to speak, and only go with what R* has officialy released through their official website?

We’re hoping that Rockstar* will release some legit screens in the near future (keeping us from having to rely on pissin off magazine companies by scanning their product), but nobody can say for sure. As it is right now, though, we find ourselves trying to please the masses while pleasing the mags – sticking with the 4 original screenshots that were released, while trying to keep a sharp stick pointed towards the massing crowds who looking for more.