I think I’m seein’ double!

Digi brought this to my attention a few minutes ago while I was typing up the little rant about lack of official screenshots, and I couldn’t help but take note of it.

Psy, of GTA-SanAndreas.com just posted a news article that looks remarkably similar to the San Andreas to Hit Xbox Sooner than Expected? article posted earlier today.

I just thought I’d bring that to your attention, in case any of you were looking for something to scowl at in between Trading Spaces episodes.

Some time later… (news edit!)

A little edit and update on the situation. First off, I would like to thank PyroHazard for sending me a reassuring PM about the whole shabang, and making certain that there would be credit given where credit is due on the news article.

I would like to apologize to both Psy and GTA-SanAndreas.com for the rash news post I added earlier. News has been posted on that site before without giving credit, and the shock of seeing my article written hours earlier duplicated (word for word) on another site did get to me a little, as I’m sure it would to anyone. Thus I would like to say sorry for posting the news article quickly before giving some time to see how things would flow.

In closing, I would like to reaffirm Psy’s statement of CITING SOURCES. Although news updates are appreciated by any fansite, it’s even more appreciated (and sometimes mandatory) to let the site know where you got your information from.

Regards & apologies to Psy and co., Tsuroki.